Current Activities in the Event Controlled Systems Project

There are a number of activities currently progressing as part of the ECS project.

ECS Methodology Development

Altough the ECS methodology itself is relatively static now, there are many related aspects of ECS that continue to be explored.

Eight-bit Microprocessor Implementation

The eight-bit microprocessor prototype, ECSTAC-P, is currently being implemented in a 0.7 micron CMOS technology. It has a number of notable features, The chip will return in early 1997 from fabrication, at which time the final test part of this project commences.

Advanced Microprocessor Development

The design of ECSTAC-P was in all ways a prototype development. A more advanced microprocessor is now being investigated, to compare a commerical, synchronous design with an equivalent processor designed using the ECS methodology. It will feature A date has not been set for the fabrication of this device.

Applications of ECS

New applications of this methodology are always being sought, and several novel applications have already been investigated. New applications under investigation are
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