Principal Researchers in the Event Controlled Systems Project

The folllowing is a list of the staff and postgraduate students involved in the Event Controlled Systems Project. There is a constant flow of Honours Project students in the Department that become involved with the project as well.

Associate Professor Douglas Pucknell

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Michael Liebelt

B.Sc. , B.E. , M.Eng.Sc. , M.I.E.A. , M.I.E.E.E

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Shannon V. Morton


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Sam S. Appleton


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Lama Chandrasena

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Andrew Johnson

B.Sc. (Ma. & C.S.) , B.E.(Hons)

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Associates and related Researchers in Asynchronous Systems

The following are people in the department who take an active and supportive interest in the ECS project, contributing ideas, commentary and abuse to the core members of the project.

Nozar Tabrizi

Nozar is a postgraudate student working on his PhD in asynchronous systems. His speciality is speed-independent circuits, and he contributes many ideas and suggestions to the ECS project as well as conducting his own more formal studies, and implements circuits using Gallium Arsenide to achieve high performance.

Braden Phillips

Braden, another postgraduate student, is working with Neil Burgess in computer and digital system arithmetic. He is planning to implement arithmetic functions in Gallium Arsenide with self-timed circuits. Braden works in the digital lab and contributes many ideas and abusive comments to the day to day operations of the ECS project.

Dr. Neil Burgess

Neil is a specialist in Computer Arithmetic and maintains a strong interest in VLSI systems. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department and maintains good contacts with the ECS group.

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