What's new with ECS

There's a new paper regarding the design of caches in the Technical Reports section. There's a new paper submitted to the Working Conference on Asynchronous Methodologies in England in Mid'95, in the Technical Reports Section.

There's two new papers - one appeared in the October 1995 edition of the IEEE Techincal Committee on Computer Architecture, another we submitted to the Async96 conference to be held in Aizu, Japan, March 1996.

The links and images have been fixed, and a new section on postgrad research has been added. I also added a gratuitous images section - lots of pictures of what's going on here.

I added the paper we did for the IEICE special issue on async, and also the final ECSTAC die layout that we submitted for fabrication in July 1996.

Comments and requests can be sent to sam@eleceng.adelaide.edu.au