The Event Controlled Systems Project

The Event Controlled Systems (ECS) Methodology is a new asynchronous design approach being developed at the University of Adelaide. It generally employs a two-phase signalling framework and a bounded-delay gate timing model. We have demonstrated superior performance to traditional two and four phase approaches in CMOS.

These pages are under construction (semi-permanently). Please be patient.

Our new paper debunks the myth that four-phase performance is better than two-phase performance.

Where to from here?

We have a Gentle Introduction to the project for those unfamiliar with asynchronous logic.

Detailed information regarding the ECS project concerns...

The ECS project is looking for a postgraduate student.

ECSTAC is back and ready to rock!!!

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The ECS pages were last updated on 12 Febuary 1997.

ECSTAC is back, and testing is commencing! Stay tuned for developments!

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