Voice enabling of formatted message systems


Project Description

The primary objective of this Level IV project is to develop a software to integrate a speech recognition software, called Dragon Dictate, with the AIMME (ADFORMS [Australian Defence Formatted Message System] Interface Machinery Message Editor). The expected outcome of this is that AIMME will become fully speech enabled. That is, the user can control AIMME by inputting voice commands through the microphone (mouse and keyboard if the user wants to). The significance of this project lies mainly in the expected efficiency gains in terms of the reduction in time spent on the creation of ADFORMS-based message, by using AIMME.

Dragon Dictate

Dragon Dictate is a Windows-based speech recognition system developed by Dragon Systems. It allows users to enter commands, for controlling applications, or dictate text by speaking into a microphone connected to the sound card of a personal computer. One of the advantages of Dragon Dictate is that it contains Dragon Dictate macro scripting language, which allows users to customise voice commands, for controlling applications, to suit users needs.


AIMME is a tool developed by the Department of Defence to provide automated support for the preparation and interpretation of ADFORMS. Its purpose is to let users compose the body of an ADFORMS-based message in a user friendly, form oriented display. One of the advantages of AIMME is that users do not have to know the formats of ADFORMS to use AIMME. All the users need to do is to "fill in the blanks" inside each textboxes associated to each field, and AIMME will convert all the data entered into an ADFORMS-based message.

Support: Information Technology Division of DSTO, University of Adelaide.
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