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Tuesday, 18 April, 2006


5:30 pm


SG15 Hone Lecture Theatre
Ground Floor, Medical Building South
The University of Adelaide, Frome Rd.




Microscopy Solutions

Dr Meredith Wallwork

Adelaide Microscopy

The University of Adelaide


This title was the theme of a recent conference in Sydney. Microscopy solutions provide a convenient way to view the role of microscopes to characterise materials, systems and devices, be they biological, chemical or physical. This talk will highlight the importance of microscopy in its contribution to exploring our environment and to innovation. Adelaide Microscopy (AM) houses a comprehensive suite of microscopes and microanalysis tools which are available to the research community in South Australia. A number of these will be featured along with some applications which may be relevant to CBME members. In particular the new spectral confocal microscope will be featured along with micro CT scanner and several new instruments currently being installed.


Dr Wallwork began working at Adelaide Microscopy (AM) in 2002, and prior to this time was at the Waite Campus conducting research on plant reproduction. Her microscopy experience encompasses a range of optical microscopy techniques, including confocal and multi-photon microscopy, as well as electron microscopy techniques such as SEM and TEM, and their associated tissue preparation techniques. Her PhD was conducted in the Faculty of Natural Resource Science and her research focused on plant model systems—at Adelaide Microscopy she continues to be exposed to a wide range of research projects not only in plant science, but also animal and medical research and even some materials applications. The team at AM prides itself on its interactive and where necessary, creative approach to solving microscopy problems with our users.

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