Learning and Teaching Development Project


Enhancing the Learning of Articulation Students

Through Structured Academic Support


Cheng-Chew Lim

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The University of Adelaide






The Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences has experienced a rapid increase in the number of international students, particularly as a result of a transfer program with INTI, a twinning program with SIT, and articulation arrangements with polytechnics and universities in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Indonesia. Experience from recent enrolments has highlighted a growing trend that articulation students require significantly different academic support compared to students who enrolled at first year level of the degree programs. It is for these articulation students that a structured academic support process is to be devised. This support facility endeavours to cater for diverse academic, cultural and language backgrounds.



Funding and Support


PVC(I) and the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences: $25,000 in 2003.


The grant supported one PT HEO 5/6.