Dear Delegate,

UPoN is a unique conference in that it focusses on open questions and problems, rather than answers. 90% of the solution is asking the right question. The discovery of a problem is often more profound than the discovery of a solution. In the spirit of this conference, it is appropriate for the speaker to pose questions to the audience. The previous conference (UPoN '96) was held in 1996 and was a great success.

Another characteristic is that the papers are refereed to a very high standard by using a two-way double-blind process.

Noise and fluctuations are at the seat of all physical systems. The scope of the conference includes gravitational wave detection, quantum fluctuations, quantum brownian motion, brownian ratchets, stochastic resonance, biological systems, semiconductors, electronic devices, sandpile physics, optical phenomena, all types of stochastic phenomena etc.

Using the study of fluctuations as the unifying theme for these diverse disciplines, is a new and exciting concept.

Due to the great success of UPoN '96 in Szeged and that Australia is a popular destination, we are expecting an even bigger conference in 1999. Australia has no tipping and no VAT tax and Kangaroos, so delegates will find it a fascinating and affordable location. The advertising will be aggressive and Australian funds to support the conference will help to produce an excellent banquet and cultural diversions.


Derek Abbott
Conference Director
UPoN '99.

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