UPoN'99 Invited Papers Program



Paul C.W. Davies "Vacuum viscosity and quantum noise: from atoms to galaxies"


Andrew Allison "Stable processes in econometric time series: are prices made out of noise?"

Sergey Bezrukov "Possible statistical basis of stochastic resonance"

Gabor Balazsi "Spatiotemporal stochastic resonance and its consequences in a neural system"

Paul J. Edwards "Semiconductor junction noise revisited"

M. Jamal Deen "High frequency noise modeling of MOSFETs: current status and outstanding issues"

Larry H. Ford "Quantum stress tensor fluctuations"

Gregory P. Harmer "Parrondo's paradoxical games and the discrete Brownian ratchet"

Arun V. Holden "Characterisation of patterned irregularity in locally interacting, spatially extended systems: ventricular fibrillation"

Zoltan Gingl "Theoretical and experimental results on the amplitude truncation of Gaussian 1/f^alpha noises"

Tomas Gonzalez "The puzzle of 1/3 shot noise suppression in diffusive conductors: universality or numerical coincidence?"

Fred Green "Mesoscopic noise theory: microscopics or phenomenology?"

Giuseppe Iannaccone "Signatures of electron-electron interaction in nanoelectronic device shot noise"

Shunya Ishioka "Entropy generation in computation and the second law of thermodynamics"

Brian K. Jones "Scale invariance of 1/f noise"

Juan M.R. Parrondo "Entropy, macroscopic information and phase transitions"

H.E. (Gene) Stanley "Econophysics: can non-linear physicists contribute to the science of economics?"

Laurens Weiss "A unified description of thermal noise and shot noise in non-linear resistors"

Alexei A. Zaikin "Additive noise and noise-induced nonequillibrium phase transistions"


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Updated: 1st June 1999