2nd International Conference on


 and fluctuations in:

 - high technology;
- physics;
- information technology;
- biology....

Nowadays, it is often very hard to publish new scientific results which do not fit into the present models or views. This effect has apparently been slowing down the progress of science. The aim of the UPoN conference is to provide a forum for noise researchers, where they can present and discuss their scientific problems which do resist solution. Obviously, this type of publication needs a more thorough, more openminded and less biased refereeing process than the status quo. Therefore, refereeing of the papers is carried out by the International Scientific Advisory Committee and will be refereed by a two-way-blind refereeing process (invited talks by 3 referees, regular talks by 2 referees).

 As a result, 20% of the invited talk proposals and 25% of the regular talk proposals were refuted in UPoN '96. At the UPoN'96 conference, 15 invited talks and about 40 regular talks were presented.

The scope of the conference includes noise in important physical, biological and technological systems, nanoscience, neuroscience, information technology, electronic devices, semiconductors, optical phenomena, 1/f noise,  stochastic resonance (SR), Brownian ratchets, all types of stochastic phenomena and exotic problems, such as sandpile physics, gravitational wave detection, quantum fluctuations, quantum Brownian motion (QBM), quantum stochastic resonance (QSR) etc. Using the study of fluctuations as the unifying theme for these diverse disciplines, is a new and exciting concept.

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