Undergraduate final year honours projects supervised/co-supervised:


Chai Shong Yung and Madeleine Sabordo
"Data Mining: Who wrote the Letter to the Hebrews?"

Thomas Baker and Matthew Botting
"Adaptive battle agents: Emergence in artificial life combat models"

Sean Correll and Andrew Budimir
"Characterisation of insect-vision based collision avoidance models using a video camera"

Hun Kit Kum and Yee Wen Law
"VLSI study of reconfigurable logic"


Thian Sun, Yee Kok Seng, Jong Chee Kiong
"Investigation of a fractal based compression technique with sub-sampling"

Wei Chieh Sim, Sze Wei Teoh, Tau Hoong Lim
"Investigation of stochastic versus chaotic signals in non-linear systems"

Hong Hoo Lim, Jingren Tiong, Joo Liang Choo
"Investigation of the Huber motor"

Chien Aun Chan,
"Calculation of synchrotron parameters for T-ray generation"

David Howell and Clive Haskins,
"T-ray detection and classification of biomolecules"

Kin Sing Hui and Linda Ho,
"Data mining of text and DNA"

Alister J. Jayapal and Ramin Rohani,
"VLSI study of low-power reversible logic circuits"

Jason Grieger and Timothy Mudge,
"VLSI study of reconfigurable logic circuits"

Ben Keipert and Yi Fei Chew,
"Characterisation of insect-vision based collision avoidance models using a video camera"

Choung Nguyen and Chiong How Ling,
"Watermarking for verification of images in mobile telemedicine"

Wei-Li Khoo and Heip Nguyen,
"A study of the pleiotropy versus redundancy trade-off, using evolutionary computation"


Sau Feng Chang, Jo Ann Hong Yin Lee, Mark Yates,
"Investigation of the Huber effect in small motors"

Elvina Chai and Phy Sze Teo,
"Investigation of in vivo antennas for microvalve based on surface acoustic wave actuation"

Chin Cheng Te,
"Classification of T-ray data for counter-bioterrorism"

Matthew Berryman,
"Investigation of differential entropic measures for data mining of both text and DNA"

Seng Yiep Yam and Matthew Szlazak,
"Remote gas identification using millimetre wave spectroscopy for counter-bioterrorism"

Damian Meyers,
"Design and test of a Meissner oscillator"

Stephen Clements and Jennifer Gater,
"Implementation of a real-time Reichardt correlator using a colour video sensor for the investigation of insect vision"


Teck Lee Hoo and Andrew Ting,
"Investigation of the interplay between redundancy and pleiotropy using evolutionary computation"

Judit O'Vari,
"Statistical and entropic measures of interword distances"

Xuan Hung Nguyen,
"Motion detection using insect vision template model"

Jock McEwin and Tang Han Tee,
"Mobile video transmission for telemedicine"

Choon How Choo, Kwan Yuen "William" Young and Nillawan Thanakamonnan,
"Simulation modules for a terahertz (T-ray) imaging system"


Adam Lauterbach,
"The Huber effect"

Siddharth Jain and Alexander Wardhana,
"Wavelet analysis of stockmarket waveforms"

Azmir Abdullah and Jeremy Fazackerly,
"CGaAs sigma delta A/D converter"


Yullia Shen, Boon Kain Tay and Benjamin Thomas,
"Investigation of the Huber effect"

Scott Hill and Mark Perkins,
"Ultrafast detection circuit for femtosecond laser"

Andrew Campbell and Abdulla Mohammed,
"Direction finding at millimetre wavelengths"

Chris Bevan, Li-Quan Chen and Greg Sampson,
"2-Dimensional colour insect vision"

Leonard Hall and Jarrad Maple,
"Wavelet denoising for heartsound biomonitor"


Robin Baker and Matthew Dragovic,
"Design of sigma-delta analog to digital converter"

Pedr K. Davis and Stephen Horwood,
"Investigation of the Huber effect"

Binh Tu Tran and Darren Soo Boon Liew,
"Counting objects using insect vision"


Gregory Harmer,
"Stochastic resonance"

Charith Abhayaratne,
"Investigation of FET noise using a distributed model"

Yu Hing Hii,
"Interactive mobile multimedia personal communicator (IM3PC)"

Kelvin W.K. Tan,
"Neuron-MOS and CGaAs circuits"

Philip Mulholland,
"An automotive blind spot detector using insect vision"

Lip Heong Tan,
"Investigation of the ball bearing motor problem"

Chad Wescombe,
"The ball bearing motor problem"

Ian McIntosh,
"An automotive blind spot detector using insect vision"

Noami Russell,
"Interactive mobile multimedia personal communicator (IM3PC)"

Krishnan Anand,
"256 pseudo binary sequence generator"

Khai-Chanh Ly,
"Ring oscillator comparison of CMOS and GaAs technologies"


Stephen Uzelac,
"Modelling of laser beam heating effects on gallium arsenide substrate"

James Reid,
"A blind spot detector for a vehicle based on insect vision"

Michael Lake,
"An automotive blindspot detector using insect vision"

Huan Tran,
"Automated parameter extraction of CGaAs transistor"

Wilson Nai Yung Chan,
"Digital timer with optical inputs for ball bearing motor"

Ping Tung Lee,
"Measurement of thermal noise"

Shane Lawrie,
"Robot with 2 degrees of freedom using an insect vision chip"

Ya-Hui Tseng,
"Modeling of laser beam heating effects on a GaAs substrate"

Benjamin D. Thoman,
"Robot with 2-degrees of freedom using a pen plotter and insect vision chip"

Paul Arnott,
"Ring oscillator comparison of CMOS and GaAs technologies"

Clayton Lamont,
"The ball bearing motor problem"


Craig Stallan,
"GaAs MESFET photodetection"

Kang Hee Lee,
"Robot with 2-degrees of freedom"

Robin LaBrooy,
"Comparisons of two styles of shift regsiter in gallium arsenide"

"Thomas" Wah-Yung Tsoi,
"Investigation of a ball-on-rails model"

Paul Phillips,
"Hardware and software enhancement of the biomonitor"

Con Koutsounis,
"Noise measurements on distributed networks"


John Kirkpatrick,
"Investigation of the ball bearing motor"

Gordon C.H. Lo,
"Blind spot detection with insect vision"

Julius Schaffer,
"Radio controlled car with blind spot detector"

Tom Armitage,
"Fractal image compression"

Jason P. Bruss,
"Computer program to plot GaAs substrate charateristics"

David Emms,
"Software for laser prober for measuring photoresponse of GaAs transistors"

Kiet To,
"Gallium arsenide shift registers"


Paul Russell,
"Robot with 2-degrees of freedom using a pen plotter and insect vision chip"

Aurelio Colosi,
"Sampled data systems experiment - Z80 based"

Hai Minh Lam,
"Numerical poisson solver to plot voltage and electric field distribution in silicon and gallium arsenide substrates"

Paul van der Linden,
"Study of thermal noise"

Shiu Wen Wong,
"Investigation into thermal noise of cascaded RC circuits"




Craig Webber,
"Design study of GaAs shift registers"

Owen Weaver,
"Design study of dynamic Gallium Arsenide shift registers"

George Rekkas,
"Characterisation of GaAs MESFETs in the subthreshold region"


William Roberts,
"Charaterisation of GaAs MESFET photoresponse and imaging cell design"

Andrew Beaumont-Smith,
"Investigation and modelling of gallium arsenide DCFL circuits"

Peter Temple,
"Investigation and design of gallium arsenide imaging - signal procesing leaf cell,"

Tuong Manh Lam,
"Investigation and modelling of new classes of GaAs logic circuits"

Greg C. Taylor,
"The investigation and characterisation of the photoresponse of gallium arsenide and the design of an imaging leaf cell"

Philip T.Y. Pang,
"The investigation and design of a gallium arsenide multiplier"


Petra Wiesner,
"Plan and design rule checker for gallium arsenide VLSI design"

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