Projects:2014S1-50 Exploiting HF Emitters of Opportunity for OTH Radar

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Project Description

The project is concerned with investigating the potential uses of high frequency (HF) illuminators of opportunity for over-the-horizon (OTH) radar. The first main goal of the project is to investigate the ability to detect targets of interest (aircraft) using forward-scatter from HF sources of opportunity, namely radio broadcasts, in a passive OTH radar context. The second main goal of the project is to determine the feasibility to use illuminators in known locations as known referencer points to enhance the coordinate registration accuracy in OTH radar systems. Signal-processing techniques will be implemented and tested in MATLAB to determine the performance of the proposed techniques in a practical setting. Real-data has been collected for this study and further trials may be performed.

Project Aims

1. Detect targets passively using HF emitters in an OTH Radar context.

2. Estimate ionospheric parameters using radio broadcasts.

Project Status

  • Targets detected passively using AM radio broadcast in an OTH radar context.
  • Direction of arrival and Doppler shift estimated using peak detection and interpolation algorithm.
  • Improvement in interference cancellation using adaptive radar signal processing techniques for a Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) radio broadcast.
  • Developed ionospheric height and tilt estimators for OTH radar using an uncooperative DRM radio broadcast.
  • Used estimators to improve OTH radar target localization to ground.


Group members

  • Alexandre Zadoyanchuk
  • John Thomolaris


  • Associate Professor Cheng-Chew Lim
  • Dr Brian Ng
  • Dr Joe Fabrizio (external supervisor)