Projects:2016s1-180 New Computational Methods for the Super Smart Grid

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Supervisors: Dr Rastko Zivanovic

Co-supervisor: Dr Azhar Iqbal

Group members: Harmanpreet Sidhu, Yingjie Diao, Yuan Sun

Topic: New Computational Methods for the Super Smart Grid

Description: Smart Grid is a system that integrates electrical transmission & distribution grids with digital processing and communications. Big data flow, information management and computing are central to such systems. Local smart grids are integrated into a wide area Super Smart Grid with centralized control that delivers inexpensive, high capacity, low loss transmission, interconnecting producers and consumers of electricity across vast distances. Development of Super Smart Grid technology is essential to realize a transition towards a fully decarbonised electricity system. This project will explore application of geometric algebra and multi-complex methods to solve planning and power quality problems in the Super Smart Grid.