Projects:2017s1-108 Stability and Control of 3-D Formations

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Stability and Control of 3-D Formation(Project 108) is a project that sponsored by Defence Science and Technology Group(DSTG). The project is about reconstruction of 3-D images of the dynamic environment by using 2D imaging sensors which is installed on Unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV), also called Drone. To capture images of the target in different angles, 4 or 6 UAVs flying in a square or hexagonal formation is required. As wind and gust in the atmosphere may affect the stability of UAVs. To ensure that clear images will be captured, stabilizing UAVs under different condition will be the first challenge. Reconstruct 3-D image using 2-D images capture by the UAVs in a particular formation using image processing technique will the the second stage of the project.

Background information

Project members

  • Tsz Fung Lam
  • Zhenbo Ma

Project supervisors

  • Cheng Chew Lim
  • Hong Gunn Chew
  • Daniel.Gillespie(DSTG)
  • Nectarios.Kontoleon(DSTG)