Projects:2017s1-159 Detecting Penguin’s Heart Sounds

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The project aims to develop signal processing algorithms to measure penguin heart rate with the aim of detecting stress. The audio data has been collected in decoy eggs. Once incubated by the penguin heart sounds are audible. The project aims to complete a software that can show the penguin heart rate in any time and so the project outcome is able to help researchers confirm whether human’s behaviour can interference measuring data of penguins and analyse penguin health and stress effects more flexibly and accurately. In addition, the skills of Matlab, Audacity and Graphical User Interface (GUI) will be mastered by group members. Moreover, the whole project will be finished in two semesters. The analysis of penguin heart sound will be finished by the middle of the second semester, and the software application that can show the penguin heart rate from the wave file will be completed by the end of the second semester.

Project number


Project team

Xintong Lu

Yuxin Liu


Mathias Baument

Brian Ng


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