Projects:2017s1-166 Development of TV Ad Blocker

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The Ad blocker has been created to block and monitor unhealthy food ads on television in order to study the impact these Ads have on kid’s long term eating habits and health.

However, the Set Top Box and the system on a whole require further development to be user friendly, and need to be easy to set up, preserve privacy and secure communication.

Our project adds a web portal that simplifies the set up process and secures personal information. It helps defend the system against hacking, privacy incursions and denial of service attacks. To add security, the website uses a two factor authentication process and to simplify installation, it uses the location you register with to easily initialize the set top box, saving you the hassle of performing complex configurations.

Group Members

Sayyed Samir Ali and Yao Zhou

Project Supervisors

Dr. Matthew Sorell and Benjamin Agnew