Projects:2017s1-184 BMW Autonomous Vehicle Project Implement the Longitudinal Control Algorithm of the Vehicle

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Nowadays, with the development of the society, there are great number of vehicles appear in our life. As an intelligent vehicle, the hybrid vehicle can increase traffic safety and improve ride comfort. Intelligent vehicles will be the core of future vehicle development. The longitudinal controller is to control the speed changes in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle, which includes acceleration control of the engine and deceleration control of the braking system.


The purpose of our project is to design a vehicle longitudinal controller. Actually, the longitudinal controller is a speed controller, which includes throttle system and brake system. When we input signals of acceleration or deceleration in the Matlab, which can output different velocity. The whole system also includes the PID controller, which will control the real speed, decrease the speed error and achieve the real speed as same as target speed. Firstly, we will analyse the vehicle dynamic behaviour and set up the mathematical model of the throttle system and brake system. Secondly, we will set up the entire controller model in the Simulink and show the control strategies. Finally, the controller will be implemented on a μ Auto-box and tested in the real vehicle.

Team members

Siqi Zheng

Qingda Zhao

Supervisor and Advisor

Supervisor:Nesimi Ertugrul

Advisor:Cheng-Chew Lim


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