Projects:2018s1-112 Automate the 3D Design and Manufacture of Electrical Control Panels using Advanced Digital Technologies

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Project Team


SAGE Automation


Henry Clayden-Rose

Thomas Jolley

James Klappers


Dr. Said Al-Sarawi

Professor Ross Bensley


SAGE Automation are looking to integrate industry 4.0 technology to improve the quality and efficiency of their products, with the aim to be able to boost production rate of control panels. The aim of integrating Industry 4.0 will advance manufacturing process so that SAGE have edge over other Australian companies and to keep competitive with foreign market who already have this technology integrated into their system.

This project provides opportunity to research and integrate this technology into SAGE’s current infrastructure by using Industry 4.0 as the framework of the manufacturing process. Specifically the project focuses on using 3D AutoCAD electrical and design simulation systems to develop electrical panels. The goal is to manipulate the data produced from 3D AutoCAD as the primary source of information at each of the stages of manufacture.

This project has three main deliverables:

1. Evaluation of operating software, purchase and efficient production integration of a new CNC busbar bending machine

2. Integration of Inventor 3D drawings into the CNC machine

3. Coates hire project: 3D Inventor panel drawings integrated with AutoCAD Electrical to provide an

SAGE has limited infrastructure to integrate the AutoCAD electrical designs into their other machines. An aspect of this project is to interface these AutoCAD designs into both the CNC cut-out machine and the bending busbar. The Industry 4.0 infrastructure comes into play when all these machines are compatible with the AutoCad design allowing for easily manipulation of the data. An element of this study is to determine if this method will be proved to be more efficient. WIth everything being interconnected with each other. The ultimate goal is to achieve a efficient production line that saves time and money.