Projects:2018s2-280 Assessment of Port Pirie for Higher Renewable PV Energy Integration

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In this sponsored project, the students will assess Port Pirie region to develop strategies to reduce energy cost for the local communities while lowering the carbon footprint in the region.Assessment of higher PV penetration will bebased on available roof spaces. In addition, suburb level power system analysis will be carried out to understand the diversity in usage and reverse power flow for future localised battery storage systems.In the second half of the project, the real data obtained from the PV installed houses will be analysed to determine the future directions of the region for self-sufficiency, industrial developments as well as potential for power trading.

Project team

Project students

  • Woon Hwan Choi
  • Quanhao Chen
  • Allen Joshy Antony Inbaraj


  • Nesimi Ertugrul
  • <External Supervisor's name> (<Company Name>)

  • <James Holyman> (<Port Pirie Council>)


  • <Travis Kauschke> (<SA Power Networks>)
  • Glenn Morelli (Cool or Cosy, Tindo Solar)


There is increasing discussion on the current power systems of the world. The concept of microgrid has emerged as an alternative to ensure energy continuity, utilise renewable sources and distributed generation, and to reduce energy costs for the end consumers. Port Pirie, a suburb with relatively low living standards and with a strong sun profile, stands to benefit from the higher integration of PV energy and the implementation of a microgrid.


Set of objectives The aim of this project is to explore and hypothesise the economic feasibility of the Port Pirie Council area that is fully self-sustainable for electric power with PV panels. As part of this research, the maximum PV capacity of Port Pirie considering the available roof space will be analysed. Specifically, the maximum solar energy that Port Pirie can generate will be calculated and will be compared with the town’s electricity demand. Furthermore, energy storage capability will also be analysed to determine how much leftover electricity can be sold. Ultimately, the average electricity cost saving to households over a time period in Port Pirie will be determined to define the economic feasibility of the town-wide switch to PV(payback period).


Maximum PV Capacity of Port Pirie

Port Pirie's Electricity Demand

Energy Storage Capacity (Microgrid)



Maximum PV Capacity of Port Pirie

Calculate Port Pirie's PV capacity using various software.

Port Pirie's Electricity Demand

Energy Storage Capacity (Microgrid)





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