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The Projects Wiki journals the projects that the school has commissioned. It is the project students who update and maintain the projects wiki that showcases the projects they have worked on. Here are some resources to help with the wiki development.

Base code

Each project wiki should have the following skeleton. The skeleton will produce a page as shown in the Project Skeleton.

[[Category:Final Year Projects]]
Abstract here
== Introduction ==
Project description here

== Project team ==
=== Project students ===
* <Student 1's name>
* <Student 2's name>
* <Student 3's name>
=== Supervisors ===
* <Supervisor 1's name>
* <Supervisor 2's name>
=== Advisors ===

== Project status ==

=== Sub section ===

== Conclusion == 

Please update the semester '2018s1' and project number '106' to your project details.