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Project Information

The aim of our project is to transfer 5watts of power wirelessly within a larger distance starting from 50mm up to 500mm,by maintaining the efficiency of 70 percent. In this project we are trying to design a wireless power transformer and investigate methods of improving efficiency as the air gap gets larger.In addition to that we need to consider the product to be cost and size effective.

Transferring power wirelessly has many applications from charging small appliances to helping stroke patients to avoid unnecessary procedure. And to eliminate the use of different cables for specified device which means all devices including laptops, mobile phones, music players and toothbrushes can be charged via one panel. The project is consist of different units including the power electronics and generating the power required, the transmission of power and hardware design, the power measurement and losses which are strongly related to each other.

By the end of this Project, we will deliver three different model designs for different cores. We will experiment these models and compare the theoretical and practical results. The cores used in this project are : Iron, Ferrite and Air. For Each of these cores experiments will take place on 3 different air gaps ( 5mm, 50mm and 500mm).

Group Members

Saeideh Farzaneh Kazerouni

Farnoosh Vahabzade

Hamidreza Zareinezhad


Dr Wen Soong

Dr Andrew Allison