Mind SocketAll Electric City Vehicle 2008 AECV

University of Adelaide

Team Members 2008

L-R: Danh Nguyen, Xiaojie Han, Warren Tuck, Dr. Wen L. Soong, Nesimi Erutgrul, Lynnard Cucksey

Project Supervisor - Dr. Nesimi Erugrul

Moderator - Dr. Wen L. Soong

Team members -
Lynnard Cucksey
Xiaojie Han
Danh Nguyen
Warren Tuck


Updates / News

Pictures added to the gallery

by Danh Nguyen on Mon, 2008-06-02 20:23

New images added to gallery. Most of which are pictures of the Toyota Prius motor stripped and disassembled on the test bench. Other images include the 1200V Semikron 3-phase Inverter (pictured below) and first glimpses of the donor MX5.

Website is up and running

by Danh Nguyen on Wed, 2008-05-09 08:23

Welcome to the AECV Website. More updates to come shortly! Thanks to all those who helped get the website setup.