Mind SocketAll Electric City Vehicle 2008 AECV

University of Adelaide

About AECV

The AECV (All Electric City Vehicle) project aims to convert an existing petrol powered vehicle into one that runs only on stored electricity.

Advances in battery technology, electric motor design and at the same time excitement into alternative fuels are the main motivations for this project.

While the automotive industry continues to pour millions of dollars into research on advanced hybrid technology, for them change equals risk and they are overlooking what is readily available now.

The end result is to have a car drive unassumingly on the public road without requiring fill ups at the local petrol station. To achieve this, the car must firstly be road registered, complying with all required safety standards, and obtaining approval from the relevant motoring bodies. From an engineering point of view, design, testing and implementation of the power delivery system is the main concern. Issues such as battery capacity, motor feedback and control, charging mechanisms and simulations of real-world performance are key areas to ensure a successful outcome.