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As a hobby I like to collect pairs of words that possess positive and negative spin in their meaning. Please email me if you have some to add to the collection.

Positive spin Negative spin
Indignation Anger
Self-esteem Egotism
Confidence Arrogance
Assertive Aggressive/Bossy
Persistent Stubborn
Freedom fighter Guerrilla
Strong willed Pig headed
Leader Controller/manipulator
Knowledgeable Opinionated
Adaptable Fickle
Firm Inflexible
Risk taker Gambler
Brave/courageous Foolhardy
Attractive Seductive
Erotic Pornographic
Low-cost Cheap
Masculine Brute/Macho
Rustic Crude
Peacemaker Placator
Elegant Trivial
Noble Proud
Ambitious Greedy
Trusting Gullible
Spontaneous Undisciplined
Focussed Narrow
Sacrificer Door-mat
Intriguing Perplexing
Canny Sly
Revolutionary Anarchist
Eccentric Crazy
Intricate Fiddlely
Delicate Fragile
Tender Soppy
Protective Smothering/Suffocating
Discerning Judgmental
Passionate Obsessed
Content/At peace Apathetic
Humble Self-deprecating
Visionary Delusional
Resolute Obstinate
Bold Brazen
Save Hoard
Diverse Disparate
Patriotism Nationalism
Praise Flattery
Bon vivant Hedonist
Spirits Alcohol
Skeptic Denier
Inquisitive Nosy
Bachelorette Spinster
Childless Barren
Exotic Foreign/Alien
Sophisticated Complicated
Witty Cutting
Secret agent Spy
Avoid Evade