Sam Darvishi

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Sam Darvishi
Person_Name: Sam Darvishi
Birth_Place: , Australia
Workplaces: University of Adelaide
High_School: [[]]
Undergrad_University: University of Adelaide
Doctoral_University: University of Adelaide
Doctoral_Degree: Electrical & Electronic Engineering ()
Doctoral_Advisors: Derek Abbott

Sam Darvishi

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Bachelor's degree #2

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Doctoral degree

  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering (), University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Thesis: , under Derek Abbott



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[1] S. Darvishi, A. Gharabaghi, C. B. Boulay, M. C. Ridding, D. Abbott, and M. Baumert, "Proprioceptive feedback facilitates motor imagery-related operant learning of sensorimotor β-band modulation," Frontiers in Neurscience, Vol. 11, art. no. 60, 2017, Scholar Google hits ResearchGate Academia

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