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When archeologists in 1000 years time look back at today's technology and want to state the year people started using microwave ovens, flat screens or memory sticks, for example, how difficult will it be for them to do this?

Therefore to help them out, this page is my personal technology timeline. It gives the years that I remember either personally using, seeing, or buying a piece of technology. As you will see, in some cases I was a late adopter and some cases an earlier adopter. Therefore this list will a least give future researchers some idea of the maximum year they can assign to a technology.

1960 I first touched an electric plug
1961 I first traveled on an ocean cruiser
1963 I first traveled on an airplane
1964 I saw a typewriter for the first time
1964 I touched a camera for the first time (a Voightlander)
1965 I touched an electric torch (flashlight) for the first time
1965 I first used an electric toaster
1965 I first wired an electric plug
1965 I first touched a transistor radio
1965 I first touched a black and white television
1965 I saw vacuum valves for the first time
1965 I experienced my first electric shock when playing with electricity
1965 I lit a match for the first time
1965 I used an alarm clock for the first time
1965 I used a typewriter for the first time
1966 I received my first battery-operated toy car
1966 I saw a reel-to-reel tape recorder for the first time
1966 I used a vinyl record player for the first time
1966 I first used a soldering iron
1968 I saw an electric cattle fence for the first time
1969 I used a slide rule for the first time
1971 I had my first 126 format camera, with magnesium flashbulbs
1972 I purchased my own Liebig condenser
1972 I purchased my first cassette recorder (BASF)
1973 I saw a pocket calculator for the first time (it was a Sinclair, and I hated the reverse Polish)
1974 I purchased my first Texas Instruments calculator
1974 I used a teletype terminal with tickertape storage for the first time
1974 I first started writing my own computer programs in BASIC
1975 I used an alcohol-based Banda copying machine for the first time
1976 I purchased my first SLR camera (Pentax), with external electronic flash
1977 I first used infrared film in my camera
1977 I used a photocopier for the first time
1977 I saw an LED wrist watch for the first time
1977 I touched a MOSFET for the first time
1977 I touched a CCD for the first time
1977 I saw one and two inch silicon wafers for the first time
1977 I saw a semiconductor clean room for the first time
1978 I started programming in Fortran using punched card storage
1979 I bought my first pocket calculator with scientific functions (Casio)
1980 I first started using a VMS operating system on a VAX
1982 I used a desktop computer for the first time (it was called a DAI, with 16K RAM) - in those days we said "microcomputer" not "personal computer"
1982 I used CAD tools for the first time (Solartron-Schlumberger)
1982 I bought my first car
1983 I started using BBC Microcomputers
1984 I purchased my first hand-held Nintendo Donkey Kong game
1986 I purchased my first microwave oven
1986 I used a supermarket with a barcode check-out for the first time.
1986 I purchased my first colour TV
1986 I sent my first ever email
1986 I first started using the UNIX operating system
1986 I used a laser printer for the first time
1986 I used my first Sun Microsystems terminal
1987 I programmed my first Z80
1987 I first started using internet newsgroups using "rn"
1987 I first started using LaTeX
1987 I first started using Matlab
1987 I first touched MS-DOS, Microsoft, and Apple products (though remained a hardcore Unix guy)
1988 I bought my first Commodore 64
1995 I started using the Excite search engine (this was my favourite search engine in pre-Google days)
1999 I first started using Google
2000 I sadly ditched my Sun Microsystems workstation and totally went PC with Microsoft
2001 Started purchasing flat screen monitors, and gradually threw out all my CRT computer screens.
2003 First time I saw a Wikipedia page
2003 Bought my first USB memory stick
2005 Emailed a 35.9 MB attachment and got away with it
2006 First time I used wiki markup language
2007 Large email attachments became reliable enough that I stopped using USB sticks everyday
2007 I happily ditched all my PCs and went MAC OSX
2007 First started using OCR on flatbed scanner
2007 I bought my first MacAir laptop
2007 I saw an iPhone for the first time
2007 On October 20th, I finally succumbed and joined FaceBook
2007 Wifi became reliable and fast enough that I began using it everyday like oxygen
2008 Replaced my tungsten bulbs at home with compact fluorescent bulbs
2008 I used an iPhone for the first time
2008 Purchased my first flat screen TV
2009 Uploaded a video to YouTube for the first time
2009 Used GPS for the first time
2009 Last time I burned a CD
2010 I used wifi for the first time on a flight
2010 I touched an iPad for the first time
2010 First time I scanned a barcode with my iPhone
2010 My last ever FAX I sent. Scanned email attachments became dominant.
2011 My first flight without a paper boarding pass, but a barcode sent to my iPhone.
2011 Purchased my first GPS
2011 Got Siri to perfectly recognize my voice with "Mary had a little lamb..."
2011 I stopped proof reading paper printouts, and instead began annotating pdf files in Acrobat
2012 First time I started electronically signing pdf documents
2012 My first dishwasher (I was a very late adopter!)
2012 First time I saw a QR code in a newspaper advertisement and scanned it with my iPhone
2012 First started using OCR function on a photocopier
2012 First started using the 'recognize text' function in Acrobat
2012 First started using ResearchGate
2012 First time I streamed a radio channel through my iPhone
2012 First time I used Viber
2012 First started taking photos of documents with my iPhone and then emailing them, as a quick substitute for a scanner.
2012 First time I had rooftop solar cells
2013 Joined ResearchGate
2013 Replaced all halogen down lights at home with LED lights
2014 First time I ever saw a chainless bicycle (they have been around since 1897, but somehow escaped my attention)
2014 First time I saw an electronic cigarette
2014 First used DuckDuckGo
2014 Started replacing compact fluorescent light bulbs in my home with LED light bulbs
2015 First saw someone in the street using a selfie stick