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Past Staff

Name & contact details
Last Position
Year Appointed
Year left
Last located
ALLEN, Murray W. Allen Murray Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering 1958 1964 University of New South Wales (UNSW)
ALLISON, Mr. Gordon L. Gordon Allison Technical Officer Mechanical Instrument Technician 1968 2003 Retired
ALPORT, Ms. Kate
Photo not available
Research Assistant Comms      
BARLOW, George E. Photo not available Honorary Consultant Computer Engineering 1965 1968 Deputy Chief Defence Scientist 1980-87.
BARTSCH (Nee SCHRADER), Mrs. Carlien
Carlien Schrader
Secretary Secretarial 1955? 1959 Commonwealth Bank

BLACKLEY, Dr. William

Chief Examiner in the field of semiconductor integrated circuits and memories. Germany

William Blackley
Lecturer VLSI 1987 1989 Germany
BLOCKLEY, Mr. Norman R.
Norman Blockley
Laboratory Supervisor Microelec. 1975 2000 Deceased 2000
BUCCO, Mr. Gabriel
Photo not available
Research Assistant Sig. Proc. Gray    
BURGESS, Dr. Neil 
Phone: +44-29-2087-5917 
Neil Burgess
VLSI 1994 1999 Hon. Visiting Professor at Cardiff University

BOUZERDOUM, Dr. Abdelsalam "Salim"
Phone: (+61 8) 9400-5059 

Salim Bouzerdoum
Senior Lecturer Sig. Proc. 1991 1997 Head of School & Professor at University of Wollongong.
CAPENTER, Mr. Max Max Carpenter Technical Officer



1969 1985  
CHAPMAN, Dr. Paul N.
No photo available 
Research Fellow
CHIERA, Dr. Belinda A.
Phone: (+61 8) 8303-8364
chiera Lecturer Comms 2003 2005 School of Mathematical Science
CHOI, Dr. Jinho 
Phone: (+61 2) 9385-5010 
Jinho Choi
Lecturer Comms 2001 2002
University of  New South Wales 
CLARK, Mr. Edward V. "Bubbles"
Bubbles Clark
Lecturer Electrical 1910 1944 Deceased, 1952.

CLOUDE, Professor Shane R.

Shane Cloude Professor RF &
Sig. Proc.
CONSTANTINI, Mr. Carmine Carmine Constantini   Storeman      

COOKE, Dr. Tristrom P.

No photo available 
Research Fellow
COUTTS, Ms. Pam 
Photo not available
Research Associate Comms      
COX, Mr. Gary Gary Cox Technical Officer Machinist 1974 1994 NTEU
CROWDER, Rosalie Rosalie Crowder Secretary Secretarial 1966 1975  
DABORN, Mr. David David Daborn Senior Technical Officer   1987 1989  
DAVIS, Dr. Linda 
Linda Davis
Lecturer Sig. Proc.  1998 2000 Lucent 
DI CIERA, Mr. Darren R.
Photo not available
Research Engineer  VLSI 2003 2004  
DOWNING, Mr. Andrew R.
Phone: (+61 8) 8201-3603 
Andrew Downing
Senior Lecturer Biomed. Eng. 1975 1991 Professor at Flinders University
DRAKE, Ms. Margaret 
Margaret Drake
Secretary Secretarial 1978 1990 Retired
George Ellesworth
Reader Power & Control 1955 1965 Deceased
Phone: (+61 8) 9400-5839 
Kamran Eshraghian
Associate Professor VLSI 1979 1996 Foundation Professor of Electronic Engineering at Edith Cowan University and then founder of Elabs. 
EVANS, Charles "Chuck" R.
Chuck Evans
Lecturer Comms 1972 1976 USA
FOID, Mr. Walter Walter Foid   Technical Officer 1991 1996 DSTO
FORD, Mr. Keith Keith Ford Technical Officer Electronics Maintenance 1984 1988  
FORTE, Wilson "Bill" G.
Wilson Forte

Research Fellow &
Part Time Lecturer

Power 1944 1953

Head of EE at SAIT.

Deceased 2003.

FULLER, Mr. Clive
Clive Fuller
Lab. Manager Manager 1966 1995 Retired
GAUD, Mr. Claude Photo not available          
GILBERT, Mr. Raymond "Eddie" Photo not available Workshop Manager Supervisor 1953 1956 WRE
GLONNAC, Mr. John Photo not available     1955 1966? ETSA
GRIFFIN, A/Prof. Donald W.
Don Griffin
Associate Professor RF 1965 1997 Retired
HULL, Mr. Tony Tony Hull Technical Officer Comms      
HUNTER, Mr. Peter Peter Hunter     1988 1999 DSTO
KANEFF, Dr. Stephen D.
Stephen Kaneff
Lecturer Power 1951 1951

Professor at ANU
Retired 1991

KANEFF, Dr. Stephen D.
Stephen Kaneff
Reader Power 1954 1966

Professor at ANU
Retired 1991

George Karyoli
Senior Lecturer Biomedical Eng. 1961 1990 Retired
KERR, Mr. Nicholas R.
Nick Kerr
Technical Officer Computing Services 1990 2002 SA State Government

KIKKERT, Cornelis J. "Keith"
Phone: (+61 7) 4781-4259

Keith Kikkert Part-time Lecturer RF/Comms 1970 1972 Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering at James Cook University.
LINKE, Mr. Cliff K.
Cliff Linke
Lab. Manager Manager 1955 1986 Retired

LY, Mr. Peter


No photo available Research Assistant     Gray  
MARTORELLA, Dr. Marco Photo not available Research Fellow Sig. Proc. 2004 2004 Italy
Lecturer Electrical 1903 1909

Professor of Electrical Eng., University of Sydney. Retired 1949. Died 1969.

McDONNELL, Mr. Mark D. Mark McDonnell Research Officer RF 2000 2001 CSIRO

MICKAN, Dr. Samuel P.

Contact Form

mickan Lecturer Biomed. Eng. & RF 2003 2006 Melbourne
MOINI, Dr. Alireza 
Alireza Moini
Lecturer VLSI 1992 2001 Silverbrook Research
NASH, Mr. Raymond "Ray" 
Ray Nash
Senior Technician Digital Computing Lab. 1967 1985 Retired
NASH, Mr. Raymond "Ray" 
Ray Nash
Technician Workshop and Final Year Lab. 1955 1965 ANU
NEWSTEAD, Gordon H. Photo not available Senior Lecturer   1956 1957 Prof. at University of Tasmania and then Prof. at ANU. Retired 1970.

O'CARROLL, Assoc Prof David C.

David O'Carroll
Biomed. Eng.     Physiology
O'KANE, Prof. Mary
Mary O'Kane
Professor Signal processing 1996 2001 Mary O'Kane and Associates Pty Ltd.
OLESNICKI Sr., Roman M.A. Photo not available Part-time Lecturer Power 1956 1969 ETSA
PACKER, Mr. John S. Photo not available Part-time Lecturer Biomedical Engineering 1960 1962 Associate Professor and Deputy Head of EEE at University of Melbourne.
PALTRIDGE, Mr. Marcus Marcus Paltridge     1987 1989  

PARKER, Dr. Anthony M.

Anthony Parker
Lecturer & Deputy Exec. Dean
Power 1974 2004 Retired
PARROTT, Mrs Yadi K. 
Yadi Parrott Administrative Officer



1990 2006 Resigned
PARRY, Mrs. Mary .
Mary Parry
Executive Officer Finance 1975 2002 Retired
PAWSEY, David C.
David Pawsey
Senior Lecturer Analog Electronics 1952 1986 Retired
PELZ, Carl Photo not available Senior Technician Precision Machinist      
PLETTS, John W. Photo not available Lecturer   1948 1951  
POOK, Mr Geoffrey W.
Geoff Pook
Technical Officer Printed circuit board manufacture and assembly
2007 Retired
PRIME, Henry "Harry" A.
Harry Prime
Senior Lecturer RF 1950 1955

Univ. Birmingham

Deceased 2000.

PRITCHARD, Jordan Photo not available Research Officer Comms. 2003 2005  
PUCKNELL, A/Prof. Douglas A.
Doug Pucknell
Associate Professor VLSI 1967 1992 Retired
REID, Mr. Gordon Photo not available     <1955 1966 Flinders Uni.
RICE, Dr. Feng
Phone: (+61 8)
Location: Mawson Lakes
Feng Rice 
Research Fellow
Sig. Proc. 
RICE, William M. Photo not available Research Assistant   1950 1951  
ROBERTS, Mr. Peter 
Peter Roberts
Workshop Supervisor Supervisor 1989 1999

Retired 1999.

Deceased 2004.

ROHTLA, Mr. Tarmo Tarmo Rohtla   Computer Manager      
ROSE, Gordon A.
Photo not available
Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering 1958? 1965 Foundation Professor of Computer Science at University of Queensland.
ROSS, Stanley G.F. Photo not available Research Assistant   1950 1951  
SANDERSON, Konrad Konrad Sanderson Research Fellow Sig. Proc. 2004 2005 ANU
SARKIES, Dr. Kenneth W.
Ken Sarkies
Senior Lecturer & Dept. Head Comms 1987 2001 Retired
SCOTT, Pam Pam Scott Secretary Secretarial 1960?    

SEARLE, Stephen


searle Research Associate Sig. Proc. 2003 2006 DSTO
SEYLER, Dr. Albert J. Photo not available Honourary Consultant Comms 1966 1977 PMG Research Labs.
SHARP, Mr. Lewis H. Photo not available Lecturer Electrical 1909 1910  
SHARP, Mr. Roy Photo not available Technical Officer Electrical Instrumentation 1962? 1980? Retired
SHEN, David Wei-Chi
Photo not available
Senior Lecturer Power 1950 1954

University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Retired 1983.

Died 2000.

SMITH, Brian H.
Photo not available
Senior Research Scholar Machines 1951 1952

Professor at Univ. Woollongong.


SMITH, Brian H.
Photo not available
Senior Lecturer Machines 1961 1970

Professor at Univ. Woollongong.


TAGG, Mr. David G.
Dave Tagg
Technical Assistant Final Year laboratory component store 2003 2005 England

TAN, Mr. Tjun Huong

tan Research Engineer   2005 2006  
TANG, Mr. Tze Wei
Tze Wei Tang
Research Assistant
Biomed. Eng.
Applied Math, UoA
TO, Mr. Kiet N. Photo not available Research Engineer VLSI 1998 2004  
TREZIES, Mr. William "Bill" Photo not available Workshop Manager Supervisor   1950 Mines Dept. then RAH.
TRINKLE, Mr. Matthew

Matthew Trinkle
Research Associate Signal Processing 2003    
TURNER, Mr. Ken G. Ken Turner Workshop Manager Supervisor   1953 Mines Dept. then Medical School UoA. Retired 1982.

TURNER, Mr. Leigh

Leigh Turner Technical Officer Electronics Lab. 1970 1982 Invertech Electronics
VAWSER, Keith D. Photo not available Part-time Lecturer   1960 1962  
VOWLES, Mr. Rex E.
Rex Vowles
Reader Power 1947 1953 Inaugral Prof. of EE at UNSW, 1954. Then Pro VC of UNSW. Died 1981.
WELLS, Mr. Peter Photo not available     1955 1958  
WIGG, Mr. Hugh Hugh Wigg   Tutor 1989 1995  
Eric Willoughby
Professor Comms & RF & Biomedical Engineering 1946 1972 Died 1987.

WONG, Mr Voon S.

Phone : 8260 8449

Fax : 8260 8141






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WOODWARD, Prof. Jack L.
Jack Woodward
Professor Power 1966 1973 Univ. Auckland
Retired 1992 

ZHU, Mr. Zhe

Phone: (+61 8) 8303-4119
Room location: N220b

Photo not available
Research Engineer