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T-rays or terahertz is an exciting new area of photonics research, opening up a new region of the electromagnetic spectrum, usually based on advanced laser technology. Spanning 0.1-10 THz, the radiation promises many fascinating applications from security screening to rapid quality control to short-range ultra fast communications. The Adelaide T-ray group represents the largest terahertz (T-ray) facility nationally. The Group began in 1997 and has built up an international reputation. In 2005, the group’s facilities expanded to become an ARC National T-ray Facility on award of the $1.35 million LIEF grant. Under further awards the laboratory expanded and now includes >$2 million worth of state-of-the-art ultra-fast femto second laser equipment, cryostat, and supporting instrumentation. This world-class lab is fitted with custom-built laminar airflow air-conditioning to minimize the collection of dust on sensitive optical components. Via a connecting door, the lab includes a near-Class 1 biological wet-area for sample preparation (including cold storage facilities, a Dynasafe system for fume control, and a biological safety cabinet) necessary for terahertz biosensing experiments.




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