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There are a number of printers available which can be accessed for printing needs. Most can be accessed from both the PC network and Unix systems.


Make sure that you know how to use them before starting as you can waste large volumes of paper and toner, or jam the queues for others by a small error in your print command. In addition please only print when necessary. An enormous amount of paper is wasted daily on unnecessary printing, and this no doubt will disturb your green sensitivities. It also results in a lot of money being spent on this activity, taking away from other worthy causes like overseas travel support for postgraduates.


The following printers can be accessed by anyone in the School. Those highlighted in yellow are intended for general School use:

Printer Name Location Type Speed (ppm) Colour? Duplex? Other features Primary purpose
cssip-canon N231a Laser 24 Yes Yes A3 capable General use
EM315 Laser 50 No Yes Photocopier, scanner, e-filing decomssioned
canon226 i226 Laser 45 Yes Yes A3 Photocopier, scanner, e-filing General use
icanon-324 i324 Laser 45 Yes Yes A3 Photocopier, scanner, e-filing, fax Staff Only
canon341 i341 Laser 45 Yes Yes A3 Photocopier, scanner, e-filing General use
EngMaths-211-HP-LaserJet4050 EM211 Laser 17 No Yes   Undergraduates

Locations of printers can also be seen on the following maps:
Inova 21 - Level 2
Inova 21 - Level 3