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Consulting Capabilities

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is able to offer quality consultation at a high technical level to industry and government in a variety of forms.

See our achievements page for examples of our past consulting contracts.

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The School has high level engineering expertise in the fields of:

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In support of consulting activities, the School infrastructure consists of:

  • 29 academic staff, most of whom have spent considerable time working as engineers and scientists in industry or government before joining the department.
  • Professional engineers working on current consulting tasks.
  • Highly qualified technical support staff for design and testing of digital, power, radio frequency and microwave hardware.
  • Electronics and mechanical workshops capable of producing quality customized hardware.
  • Extensive computing facilities plus software research tools and support staff for software development and simulation work. Software tools consist of:
    • Cadence VLSI CAD software.
    • Other VLSI CAD software tools, many developed in the Department.
    • Power Systems Stability design software MUDPACK developed by the Department.
  • Extensive laboratory facilities including a large microwave anechoic chamber for antenna testing and measurement.
  • Extensive equipment including: a full suite of modern microwave and RF test equipment such as Network Analysers, Broadband Oscilloscopes and stable Signal Sources; a VLSI Probing station; a modern Tektronix logic analyser and development system; optical laser equipment for biomedical research.

Undergraduate student projects also provide opportunities for small, non-critical consulting tasks which are often highly successful and of good quality.

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Examples of successful past and present consulting activities are:

Andrew Beaumont-Smith received the 1999 Electronics Industry Association individual award of excellence for his innovative work on VLSI circuit design of a CMOS High Speed Counter chip for sub-nanosecond precision timing. This was part of a consulting task for Avalon Systems.

Other examples of successful work are:

  • VLSI chip development for the Defence Department through the CHiPTeC centre.
  • Power system stabilization studies through MUDPACK simulation software for ETSA.
  • Sonar, acoustic vibration diagnostics, radar target recognition and laser depth sensing through the Sensor Signal and Information Processing CSSIP centre.
  • Passive and active electronic tags for road vehicle identification through the associated ISD company.
  • Microwave antenna design and studies for CSIRO and the Defense Department.
  • Optical collision avoidance chip based on insect vision, for Britax.

Other smaller consulting tasks which have been successfully completed by staff of the School are: