A DSTO workshop at the frontier of technology, Dec 16-17, 2004, Adelaide, Australia.

TeraHertz for Defence and Security

Conference Objectives

This workshop will bring together world leading experts to explore the developments and applications of terahertz (THz) or T-ray technology. It will be the pioneering workshop for plotting the future vision for terahertz in defence and security in Australia.

Presentations on related application areas using T-rays in chemistry, biomedicine and semiconductor diagnotics, for example, are welcome as the techniques have broader implications for defence and security.

As T-ray systems rely on quasi-optical and millimetre wave techniques, presentations in the millimetre wave spectrum that share common issues with THz will also feature in this workshop.



Note: student posters are permitted to be on any RF topic, as well as mm-wave and THz. There will be a $2500 IEEE Prize for the best of these student posters. Follow the link to check the IEEE rules and conditions.



Photo: Australia's first T-ray imaging system, based at the University of Adelaide.