A DSTO workshop at the frontier of technology, Dec 16-17, 2004, Adelaide, Australia.

TeraHertz for Defence and Security


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Please note: Registration is a prerequisite for submission of an abstract. Please make sure your name matches the name you registered under.

Warning: It is advisable to write your abstract in your favourite editor and then cut and paste it into the electronic form below, to prevent losing your work.

Abstract submission deadline: 19 Nov 2004 (Acceptance notification: 26 Nov 2004).

Note: The workshop will be Gordon-style with no published papers. However selected abstracts will be invited for submission as papers to a journal special issue in 2005. Abstracts will appear on this website for the convenience of attendees.

Depending on participation numbers, program schedules and time constraints, some requests for oral presentations may have to be assigned to a poster session.

Poster format: Max height: 120 cm (4 ft); Max width: 240 cm (8 ft).

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