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Useful T-ray Links


International T-ray Research Centres

Academy of Scienced of Czech Republic - Institute of Physics.

Bath University, UK - Ultrafast Science Group.

Columbia University - Tony Heinz.

Delft University of Technology - Optics Research Group.

Femtosecond Research Centre, Strathclyde UK and GODOT.

Georgia Institute of Technology - Stephen E. Ralph and David Citrin.

Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research.

National Physical Laboratory - The UK's National Measurement Laboratory.

New Jersey Institute of Technology - Department of Physics.

Ohio State University - Microwave Laboratory.

Oklahoma State University - Ultrafast THz Research Group.

Oregon State University - Yun-Shik Lee.

Osaka University, Japan - Research Centre for Superconductor Photonics.

Physical Sciences Inc.

Picometrix Inc.

Purdue University - Andy Weiner.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Center for Terahertz Research - Xi-Cheng Zhang.

RIKEN, Japan - Kawase Initiative Research Unit.

RIKEN, Japan - Photo-dynamics Research Centre.

SUNY Buffalo - Andrea Markelz.

Technische University, Carolo-Wilhelmina - Martin Koch.

Technische University, Kaiserslautern.

Teraview Ltd.

Terahertz Consulting Ltd.

The University of Reading, UK - John Bowen.


Tochigi Nikon Corporation - THz Department.

Universitat Frankfurt Am Main, Germany.

University of Alberta - Frank Hegmann

University of Califonia, Santa Barbara - Center for Terahertz Science and Technology.

University of California, Berkeley- Joe Orenstein and Daniel Chemla.

University of Chicago - Norbert Scherer.

University of Colgate - Beth Parks.

University of Freiburg, Germany - Department of Molecular and Optical Physics.

University of Konstanz - Alfred Leitenstorfer.

University of Leeds - Institute of Microwaves and Photonics.

University of Maryland - Ultrafast Optoelectronics Laboratory.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County - Laboratory for Nonlinear Optical Studies of Macromolecular Photonic Materials.

University of Michigan - Center for Ultrafast Optical Science.

University of Munich - The THz Group.

University of Oxford - THz Photonics Group.

University of Savoy, France- Jean-Louis Coutaz.

University of Toronto - Henry van Driel.

University of Wisconsin - Dan van der Weide.

Yale University - Charles Schmuttenmaer.












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